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Top 8 Pregnancy Must Haves Every Mom To Be Needs

As you are moving along your pregnancy journey you are probably starting to feel new aches and pains that you have never felt before. You might suddenly find yourself tossing and turning at night in bed trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in or are struggling to put together a decent outfit that actually fits! Your body is going through a whirlwind of changes and it is important to provide yourself as much external comfort as possible so that your body internally continues to do what it needs to.

Here are 8 pregnancy ‘must have’ items that will ease some of those pregnancy struggles.

1. A great prenatal vitamin

A healthy diet should always be your main source of vitamin and mineral rich foods, but in pregnancy a great prenatal vitamin will supply you with any vitamins and minerals you might be missing in your diet.

Look for a prenatal vitamin that contains Folic acid, Iron, Vitamin D, and Calcium. if you find one that also contain Omega-3 fatty acids that is a plus, as these will help promote healthy brain development for your baby.

Always consult with your health care provider first when choosing a prenatal vitamin. They will have better insight as to which one might be best suited for you specifically.

2. Belly butter or oil

The earlier in your pregnancy you start to use a belly butter or oil, the better. Your skin will be going through one heck of an itchy roller coaster in the next 9 months, so it is best to keep your belly extra hydrated in order to prevent those pesky, itchy stretch marks!

3. Maternity clothing basics

Pretty soon you will find yourself staring at your closet in frustrating because you can’t seem to find anything that fits! It is important to remember that even though it might seem eternal, you will only be pregnant for 9 months! It might not be wise to invest in a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes. If you find some great maternity basics such as leggings, a pencil skirt, simple t-shirts, or even a t-shirt dress, you will be able to mix in some items you already own and be able to put together some great outfits to take you through the next 9 months.

4. Pregnancy pillow

Some women experience discomfort during the night as early as the first trimester! The bigger your belly gets, the less sleep you will get, but a plush pregnancy pillow will give you a little boost of support and comfort for an extra couple of hours of Z’s. Often times you’re tossing and turning might be keeping your partner up as well, so, they will also benefit from your comfy pillow!

5. Nightlight

You are probably wondering why a nightlight ended up on a ‘pregnancy must haves’ list instead of a ‘newborn must haves’ list. Well, sometime after the first trimester you will start to find yourself having to pee what might seem like every fifteen minutes! Having to fumble around looking for your phone to use it as a flashlight or actually turning on the bedroom lights is not only an inconvenience for you but for your partner as well! Thankfully, this will be an item that will come in handy once your little bundle of joy arrives and is demanding those middle of the night feedings.

6: Belly support band

Carrying a growing little human in your belly will only get more and more uncomfortable as the weeks go by. It will almost feel like you have a bag of flour strapped to your midsection! You can only imagine how your back is going to be feeling. It’s important to have as much back support as possible during pregnancy especially in the last months. A good belly support band will save your back that extra strain!

There are a few different types of support bands. Its important to shop for one according to your frame and body type. i.e. someone with a shorter torso might do well with a simple strapless velcro band, whereas someone with a longer torso might need some extra lift from an upper belly strap.

7: Supportive shoes

Carrying that extra weight can take a toll on your arches! Some women even develop things like Plantar Fasciitis due to the extra weight and pull on the muscles in their feet. Comfortable, supportive, easy to slip on shoes are a must during these months. Crocs or slip-on tennis shoes, while maybe not the cutest shoes, are very comfortable and have great arch support. Consider these, as they are great options!

8: Water bottle/ tumbler

Staying hydrated is always extremely important, but during pregnancy it should be a top priority. Increasing your water intake will ensure that your baby has enough amniotic fluid and that you are providing your organs enough H20 to flush out anything that doesn't belong in your body! A fun water bottle, or tumbler will serve as a reminder to drink up!

Hopefully this helps you scope out those items you will be needing in the next months in order to provide yourself and your growing bump the comfort and support needed to make a healthy little baby!