I adore my clients.

I'm here to serve you. I love getting to know my clients and what makes their journey unique. As a mother you are in the thick of it... your life is not perfect... I get it. You see these beautiful images of families who look so put together. You doubt that I will be able to give you photos of your family that look as beautiful as the ones on my website. I promise you, if you can be brave and vulnerable, I will. Your family is just as wonderful and worth celebrating, in this very season, right now! No matter how chaotic it feels. Tomorrow you won't be the same person that you are today. And neither will your kids. Who they are right in this moment is worth documenting so that you can look back on this season with fresh eyes. Forever.

photographer documenting colorado home birth

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Email: iamloved@danicadonnelly.com

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“You will not find anyone better...guaranteed. Danica was more than our birth photographer; she was part of our team and support system. She didn't just take pictures; she was encouraging and supportive and helpful. We keep receiving these little gifts from you and every time, I am just amazed at how above and beyond you go. We will have the pictures to last a lifetime, but we will also have this amazing story to tell about how blessed we were to have such an amazing photographer and now friend!”