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Each session includes a date night to see your images for the first time together and the opportunity to invest in albums, wall art and digital heirlooms. Click here to see finished products.

Here's why my clients choose me and keep coming back year after year:

Lauren, family client

Ever since our photo shoot with Danica, my kids have been extra huggy and sweet with me and my husband. All of the activities that she did with us to help us feel comfortable have continued to create positive feelings between all of us! Danica does so much more than photograph and make videos of families... she is connecting people to their loved ones in a really special way. Thank you, Danica!!!

Brittany, birth client

After lots of searching and debating if birth photography was going to be "worth" the expense, I met with Danica and immediately knew I needed her at our birth. She was so warm and friendly and it felt like I had known her forever. On the big day, I vaguely remember the midwife telling me she had arrived, but I was completely oblivious to her until after my daughter was born. Then came the pictures, and I cannot even begin to say how beautiful they are. They are priceless treasures and I cannot wait to share them with my daughter and show her the beauty of being a woman and what we get to do as we bring lives into the world. Danica was phenomenal and full of surprises along the way that made her a natural extension of our family. She would be one of the first calls I would make if we were to get pregnant again!

Amanda, birth doula

Danica is one of the best Birth Photographers I've had the privilege of working with. Her work is absolutely incredible, and she has so much respect for the birth space. She is able to capture the most intimate moments without disrupting the flow of labor. I recommend her to all of my doula clients and friends! 

Katie, maternity + birth + newborn + family client

Danica, you met my expectations and blew them away into another category I didn’t even know existed. You see the amazing small moments!! When we did our last photoshoot with you, it was like you caught the behind the scenes moments. My kids walking down the stars, singing songs getting into the car, the chaos of getting ready for have a way of bringing to light the activities we do every day that we take for granted now, but deep down know that we are going to miss like crazy when our kids grow up!!

Jennifer, family client

You, as an artist, truly help others see beyond the "dust" of their lives. These photos are just further proof. The two (what I'd consider) ugliest parts of our home have now been shown to me in a new light. Somehow you captured moments in our kitchen and in front of our garage that make a cramped space with outdated tile and a broken oven seem tender and sweet, the chipping paint and weeds about the garage seem somehow charming!

Beth, birth client

Beth, birth client

Jennifer, family client

Again, you've captured images that will be forever in my heart. I can't tell you how much I love your work!

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