My name is Danica. I’m a family bonding photographer.

Their earliest years will leave a lasting impression upon your child that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their life. Research shows that children who feel safe and secure in their family relationships have an easier time making friends, are more fulfilled in their careers and live overall happier lives.

I specialize in working with families to create beautiful experiences that encourage deeper connections and strengthen the family bond. From the sessions, we create collections of images and films that capture your relationship in a form that the child can experience again and again.

I love my clients. They’re modern parents who are deeply invested in the emotional wellness of their children and interested in taking an active role in creating connective, nurturing environments that draw upon the latest findings of family psychology to prepare their children for a changing world.  

I've been photographing families for 12 years and births for 8. I would be honored to be a part of yours! Let’s meet and talk about creating something beautiful for your family!


Photographer. Lover. Boss.

I'm an INFP…
"INFP's always look for the hint of good
in even the worst of people and events;
they search for ways to make things better.
They may be perceived as calm or reserved,
yet they have an inner fire and passion."

Authentic trumps perfect.
I crave sunshine & music that has soul.
Give me the scent of pines + a meal cooked over a fire.
I think hope & love can change everything.

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