My name's Danica Donnelly.

I'm an INFP… "INFP's always look for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events; they search for ways to make things better. They may be perceived as calm or reserved, yet they have an inner fire and passion."

I'm am passionate about helping mothers see the honor in their role as a mother. I look for beauty in the chaos. I'll guide you to a whole new perspective on who you are as a mother and the invaluable gift you are to your children.

Your children's earliest years will leave a lasting impression on them that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their life. Research shows that children who feel safe and secure in their family relationships have an easier time making friends, are more fulfilled in their careers and live overall happier lives.

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Are you ready to see your motherhood with fresh eyes?

Do you want your children to feel safe and valued?

Then let's get started.



“Danica, I'm speechless. These are the best images we've ever had as a complete family. Better than our wedding and anything else. I'm going through them over and over. So good. I seriously am so in love with what you're doing. You have found your gold. We sometimes sit on the couch and stare at your work, in awe. It's even better knowing the lady behind the camera is such a beautiful soul.”