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What to wear for your photoshoot

It can be overwhelming to know what to wear. I love when people give me options to choose from so that I can pick outfits that will compliment our location’s colors, mood, and lighting. Ultimately I want your outfits to fit your personalities and for the focus to be on your love, not your clothes. Here’s a guide to get you started.

What to wear for your photoshoot



Ultimately, your photos should be a reflection of who you are and what you feel comfortable in! If you’re comfortable in your outfit, you’ll look at ease in the photos. Feel free to bring a few accessories that really highlight your personality, like big hats, chunky scarves, funky sunglasses, or statement jewelry.

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It can be helpful for you each to bring 3-5 shirts and 2-3 bottoms to mix and match depending on our location and the colors and light we are working with. If you’re not comfortable changing clothes at our location, feel free to text me photos of your options before the shoot so that we can make choices beforehand to get the best photos possible! Having options for me to choose from helps take your photos from good to outstanding. Plus it takes the pressure off of you to know how to match an outfit with the colors and mood of a location.

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Choose colors the compliment your skin tones. Unless you have olive skin tones or darker skin, I typically suggest staying away from reds, oranges, and pinks. Busy prints can work but only if the location is not busy.

A note on black: black can easily illuminate pet hair or dirty particles and just look speckled. It can also fully hide a very pregnant belly from the front, so I suggest avoiding mostly-black outfits.

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Since I often photograph outdoors, I typically recommend earthy tones, neutrals, or metallics. This doesn’t just mean creams, browns, and greys. There are neutrals for every single color! Instead of vibrant green, think soft sage green. Instead of bright red, think maroon or burgundy. Instead of brilliant yellow, think mustard. If your colors are too bright, they will draw all the attention in the photos. We want to keep the focus on emotion and moments instead of your outfit.

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Anything that can show movement is a yes! A dress that can catch in the breeze, a skirt that makes you want to dance, a lightweight scarf. The stiffer the material, the less you’ll be able to move. Oh and don’t forget to iron any big wrinkles out of items. Removing that in post processing can be nearly impossible.


Be complimentary

Complimentary outfits are good. Matching is bad. When you’re too matchy you don’t stand out from each other. Complimentary means the colors, textures, accessories, patterns and tones all sing together while there is still separation from each of the subjects and the background.

Bring a few outfit options for each family member so that I can help you make these photos the BEST they can be!