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What to wear for your birth

Here’s a little guide on how to pick out outfits for your birth. You want a photographer but you also want to be modest. Things to think about are color, options, and movement.


What to wear for your birth


Why it matters

It’s no surprise that to give birth you have to be naked or at least semi-naked. Yet you may not want to be quite so exposed in all your photos. So it’s super helpful to consider what you might wear at your birth. That way you’ll receive many more photographs that you feel comfortable sharing with friends and family without feeling like you are oversharing.

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Bralettes are fantastic for birth. Pretty but modest. Bring a couple of bralettes in case one gets wet or dirty you will have a backup. There are so many lovely bralettes these days to fit your personality: lacy, velvet, solid. A lot of my clients like Target for their selection.



Any bright colors or patterns can draw the eye to themselves and take the focus off of baby or the moment. Think about neutral colors in your clothing choices but also in baby’s outfit and blankets you bring for baby.

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In birth you might want to feel free to move about, in and out of your room and feel more covered up without having to wear the hospital gown. There are some lovely hospital gown alternatives that you can buy on Amazon these days. You can also wear a loose, flowy maternity dress, nursing dress or a soft luxurious robe. Choose something that can be taken off quickly and easily.



Avoid black. Black can easily illuminate pet hair, bits of fuzz and just look speckled. From straight on black can also make you look like you’re not even pregnant! And this is your last chance to show off that beautiful belly of yours in photos.

For men, avoid ballcaps and distracting logos on shirts. We want to see your face as you meet your baby for the first time!