Colorado Springs Birth Photographer : Danica Donnelly
An expert in maternity, birth and newborn photography. Passionate about helping your family connect on a deeper level.

Video Testimonials

Lauren had a family bonding session with Danica Donnelly and she noticed that her kids and her husband felt so much more loving towards each other after the photoshoot. The whole family was enjoying the extra cuddles and continued to play the games that they had learned at the photoshoot for weeks after they got home. Danica seeks to not only give you a good experience in working with her but hopes to give your family new ways to relate and connect that will have a transformative effect on how you love each other.
Amanda Smith is a birth doula and student midwife in Colorado Springs. She works with Danica in the birth space and is impressed with her ability to be a part of the birth team - to know when to speak, when to stay quiet, and how to always be a calm and helpful presence.
Jennifer could easily find a decent photographer who sets their family up in a straight line and snaps a picture for them. But they keep coming back to Danica because of her unique ability to notice who their family is to the core. She takes pictures that are true and authentic to their particular family - pictures that will have deep meaning when they look back on them for years to come.
Beth and Bobby love their birth photos from Danica Donnelly. They see them as beautiful pieces of artwork that they have hanging in their home. They love that they each have their own memories of the birth and they also have this unique outside perspective in their pictures.
Brittany wondered if the cost of birth photography would be worth it...also would she be distracted by having a birth photographer there? Yes, it was SO worth the cost! Her images are priceless. They are a legacy that she feels honored to share with her daughter. And she didn't even know Danica was there until after her baby was born. Danica was super helpful at the birth, always in the background, and yet able to capture the most emotional images of the birth.
Katie has hired Danica to photograph her pregnancies, her births, her newborns, her growing and changing family. She keeps coming back to Danica as her photographer because Danica has a way of making their family feel comfortable and at ease. She documents the special memories that her family wants to look back on as the kids grow up. Danica also crafts beautiful artwork that they love looking at in their home and the kids often flip through their photo albums and comment on their beautiful family traditions.
When hiring a birth photographer, Bobby thought it would be weird to have someone in the room taking pictures during such an intimate event. Beth was concerned that she would be distracted by a photographer. Danica set both of them at ease and was neither weird or distracting.
Jennifer talks about how Danica is able to photograph the beauty in what feels like a chaotic life with her kids.