"The path of motherhood has a beginning but no end. It is constantly changing and constantly challenging. Along the way, we encounter our personal limits over and over. We ride the sharp edge of hope and fear. We fall in love over and over. On this path of discovery, as on any spiritual path, our pretensions are shattered, our minds are blown, and our hearts are opened. We cry, we laugh, we bumble around and make countless mistakes. Through it all we are gently - or abruptly - poked into greater honesty, lovingkindness, and understanding. It is truly a joyful path. "

-Susan Piver


Hearing the voice of our loved ones is something so personal and can not be replicated by anyone else. I have a client whos father passed away when she was young. She saved a voicemail from him that is so special to her. She replays that voicemail whenever she wants to to get that one small piece of him back, if just for a moment.

We don't know what the future holds and we rarely have access to the voice of the people we love, especially not them talking to us about the things they love most about us, or the hopes they have for our future. I create films for your family so that your kids can always have this special access to you.

They are growing up before your very eyes. Tomorrow they won't be the same as today. This might be the last day you get to breastfeed them, or they fall asleep on your shoulder, or they say "pockule" instead of "popsicle". With these films you never have to leave these moments to memory - you can access them whenever you want.

Give your children the gift of remembering their one, beautiful childhood.