Documenting Your Family Life Through Video

How do you want your children to remember their childhood? How do you want them to remember you? It seems we all have pain points from our own childhood. Photo and video can be powerful tools for healing and deepening the bonds of your family through highlighting the immense joy and laughter. 

Show your children that they are safe and they are seen. Show them that they are valued and free to be exactly who they are.

Danica, you are a beautiful human and an intuitive and talented photographer but what I love most about working with you is your sincere passion to deliver a highly emotional and customized product that is truly a unique and beautiful piece of art. AND I appreciate that you took a disorganized and disheveled mess of a Jaskolski family (mainly V. and I) and still gave me this. Serious talent...and so appreciated.
— Angela

 Your professional home video
3 payments of $240