Colorado Springs Birth Photographer : Danica Donnelly
An expert in maternity, birth and newborn photography. Passionate about helping your family connect on a deeper level.

Family Photographs

Colorado Springs family photographer, Danica is passionate about helping children feel safe, loved, and connected in their families. Through still photographs and films, Danica documents the rituals that make your home special.

"Ever since our photo shoot with Danica, my kids have been extra huggy and sweet with me and my husband. All of the activities that she did with us to help us feel comfortable have continued to create positive feelings between all of us! Danica does so much more than photograph and make videos of families... she is connecting people to their loved ones in a really special way. Thank you, Danica!!!“


“Danica, you met my expectations and blew them away into another category I didn’t even know existed!! You see the small moments that I don't ever want to forget. Our Sunday morning tradition of the donut shop, singing songs while getting into the car, my daughter sharing her mac and cheese with the have a way of bringing to light the activities we do every day that we take for granted now, but deep down know that we are going to miss like crazy when our kids grow up!! Now we will always be able to share in these sacred moments.”

- Katie