Documenting Your Family Life

Do you ever feel like you just want time to stop? For your babies to stay little forever...What are the things you never want to forget about this time?

I never want to forget the way my son tenderly wipes the "tears" from our dog's eyes. How he pulls over a stool to assist me with cooking. When he sneaks into the fridge to take a bite out of the butter when he thinks I'm not looking.

These are the moments documentary sessions are made for. They have the ability to freeze time so that you always have access to the details that make this period in life so special. Give yourself permission, for one whole day, to be fully present in the lives of your children. They will be better people for it and so will you. You will forever have these photos of the love that overwhelms your daily life and you will have a deeper understanding of how full and rich your life already is.