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Photographing pregnancies, births, newborns, families and the postpartum period in the Colorado Springs area, Danica seeks to help your children feel safe, loved and connected in your family. She blogs about pregnancy, preparing for your birth, postpartum care, simplicity parenting, minimalism parenting, peaceful parenting, and how to have happy children.

How to save money on your nursery so you can invest in a birth photographer!

Here are 3 things that can help you save money on your baby’s nursery (so you are able to invest in the birth photography you have always wanted!):

  1. Skip the changing table

    A changing table will cost you anywhere between $90 to $300. They add bulk and clutter and there is always a chance your baby will not like being changed on it! Instead of buying a changing table, use a changing pad on top of baby’s dresser. Changing pads are far less expensive and by doing so you will free up extra space that your baby can use for tummy time and crawling. If you want to go a step further into thriftiness, try a portable changing pad!

2. Buy things second hand

Babies grow out of things so fast. It is very easy to find baby essentials including cribs and dressers with very light use at second hand stores. If thrift shopping isn't your thing, you can always search online on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist, and Nextdoor! If you find a great crib and dresser, but they don’t match, you can always paint them to match perfectly! This is a great way to save money and still get all those extra little things that would otherwise be considered a splurge!

3. DIY your art

Making art for the walls of your baby’s nursery is a sweet way to get personal and create something your child will appreciate into their toddler years and beyond! This can be as simple as painting a simple monogram using colors from your color theme or even a beautiful mural. If you aren’t very crafty, I would recommend using photos as art pieces! This is an awesome way to display photos of your family and even birth photos! There is nothing more beautiful than that moment when you first meet your baby, so why not display a photo from that day! After all, you will be investing in professional photos!

It’s not a great feeling when you are sitting in front of something brand new that you purchased but never used. I hope these three tips are helpful to you and help you avoid those shopping mistakes.