Colorado Springs Birth Photographer : Danica Donnelly
An expert in maternity, birth and newborn photography. Passionate about helping your family connect on a deeper level.


Photographing pregnancies, births, newborns, families and the postpartum period in the Colorado Springs area, Danica seeks to help your children feel safe, loved and connected in your family. She blogs about pregnancy, preparing for your birth, postpartum care, simplicity parenting, minimalism parenting, peaceful parenting, and how to have happy children.

Nightly Words

Dear Sweet Dreamer,

Our day has had its ups and downs. Big sighs, big tears, big laughs, big hugs. The world sweeps over your heart in big waves and it is my job to safely guide you back to shore. As your captain, I will lead us in preparation and take the night watch.

I will help you reach dry land because sometimes even rest takes effort. This is probably our hardest part of the day. Sometimes it seems we careen into bedtime like we had no idea it was there, just ahead, and we crash into the rocks of brushing teeth, straightening rooms, and slugging arms and legs into pajamas. On those days, I'm glad we have your papa as our lighthouse. “Everybody take a breath,” he says, and we course correct.

Once settled with the details of Spiderman or Astronaut footie jammies, it is time to settle in our emotions. To tuck in our hearts for the night, so they know the warmth of family.

What was your favorite part of today? What surprised you? What was tough? When did you feel peaceful? When did you feel enjoyed?

We make our emotional bed and I pray our conversation blankets you in peace. I want to teach you to process and rest now while you are young. I want to teach you that rest, following work, creates clarity and purpose. It creates energy and drive. You will be able to run far and strong tomorrow with proper rest tonight.

So as twilight greets your little room, as we settle in for a night of dreams, I want to share with you a song to remember. I will gladly sit here in the dwindling light with you. I will gladly lay my head on the edge of your bed. I will gladly remind you to breathe deeply, to count your blessings, to find your center, your peace, your rest.

Baby's boat the silver moon
Sailing in the sky
Sailing o'er the sea of sleep,
While the clouds float by.

Sail, Baby, sail
Out upon that sea,
Only don't forget to sail
Back again to me.

Singing over you,