3 things that will most effect the person you become a year from now

  1. The people with whom you surround yourself.

    Are they negative? Do they make you feel bad about yourself? Do they inspire you to be better? When you need someone to be honest with you, do they tell you the truth, backed with kindness? Do they support you in your times of need (as much as they are able)? 
  2. The way you interact with social media. 

    Does it inspire you and help you make genuine connections with others? Or does it put you in the comparison game and make you feel bad about your life? 
  3. The books you read, the movies you watch, and the information you consume.

    Does it challenge the way you think? Does it expand your knowledge? Does it insight fear? Does it foster compassion? Does it spark gratitude?

What have you found to have the most effect on the person you are becoming? Please comment below - I'd love to hear!