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Photographing pregnancies, births, newborns, families and the postpartum period in the Colorado Springs area, Danica seeks to help your children feel safe, loved and connected in your family. She blogs about pregnancy, preparing for your birth, postpartum care, simplicity parenting, minimalism parenting, peaceful parenting, and how to have happy children.

Colorado Springs, our new home

We are starting to get settled into our new home in Colorado Springs. I have to say, I had high expectations and so far this place is exceeding them!

  • Five steps from our front door are trails to hike, so we hike daily.
  • We've seen two double rainbows and have only been here two weeks. We could see where each rainbow touched the earth on both sides. 
  • From the hammock on our balcony we've been enjoying nightly cocktails while we listen to the silence and the wind. The peace and calm is just what we've been craving.
  • The balcony also provides great views of mountains, sunsets and stars.
  • The hikes and scenery are phenomenal. We haven't ventured too far from home yet, but there has been plenty to explore within a five mile radius of our home. I can only imagine the breathtaking adventures deeper into the mountains. 

I've wanted my children to have more "natural playgrounds" and the huge red rocks have been the perfect setting for climbing, the trails are a "choose your own adventure" situation, and the wildlife is abundant. We see deers daily, as well as hawks and even a coyote. Goals: start learning our trees and flowers so we can identify them on our hikes. 

Other adventure parents: what are your tips on how to have successful hikes, climbs and camping adventures with your kids? I'd love to hear your wisdom and I will share my own as we go!