Life with two kids

Some people ask me if the transition to two kids has been hard. Often kids start misbehaving when the next child comes around, but honestly, all that started and was pretty rough when I was pregnant. I had a really difficult pregnancy. I was not myself mentally, I had no energy or ability to function in my life as I had previously, and I was not able to be present with Oliver. I was sick 24/7 and I had a really hard time with that (we all did).

I was hoping that giving birth would be the magical token to getting my life back, feeling like myself again in my mind and my body. And, Praise the Lord, it was! At about 4 weeks I felt nearly 100% back. It feels so good to be happy again, to have energy to face all of life's responsibilities and the spirit to enjoy (most of) it! So I think that Oliver is actually better off now that Sky is here than he was when I was pregnant. We are all happier, less stressed, and so grateful that I am not pregnant and that we have a new little person to love.

Oliver is so curious and so gentle with his little brother. Most of the time he's off doing his own thing, being a 3 year old, but sometimes he will lay next to Sky, sing songs to him, and remind us not to forget about Sky. He doesn't show any signs of jealousy, just a welcoming acceptance of this happy addition to our family. I think he enjoys that our family is growing with more people and more love.

The second child definitely gets less one-on-one attention and fewer photos of each and every moment, but I'm trying to be mindful of that and take my camera out often. I don't want to regret not having pictures and video of the brothers' relationship from the very beginning and as it grows.