Colorado Springs Birth Photographer : Danica Donnelly
An expert in maternity, birth and newborn photography. Passionate about helping your family connect on a deeper level.


Photographing pregnancies, births, newborns, families and the postpartum period in the Colorado Springs area, Danica seeks to help your children feel safe, loved and connected in your family. She blogs about pregnancy, preparing for your birth, postpartum care, simplicity parenting, minimalism parenting, peaceful parenting, and how to have happy children.

Do you have a lifetime photographer?

I've experienced this and I know that many of you have...once you find a photographer that your family is comfortable with, especially your children, you tend to stick with that person year after year. I think this is a great thing with many benefits. 

1) Kids are more comfortable around someone they know and when I photograph them every few months, or every year, they get to know me well and open up to me quickly so that I'm spending less time getting them to feel comfortable in front of the camera and more time capturing moments where their true selves shine through the photographs.

2) Another benefit is that you know what to expect from the photographer. You know how the session will progress, you know what kind of products are available, you know how the digital negatives will be delivered. All this knowing takes the stress and decision-making out of the equation. It also helps you trust the experience of the photoshoot, which can sometimes be intimidating, especially for people who don't love being in front of a camera. 

3) A third benefit if you stick with the same photographer is that your photos will show a consistent style year after year so that the years all go well together. Many of my clients order an album from each photoshoot or get a large framed picture for their home. Whether you're an album person or a wall art person, your books will have a natural flow to them or the artwork on your walls will all have consistency and look good together. 

Have you found that you stick with the same photographer time after time? Are you looking for a "lifetime" photographer? Shoot me a message! I LOVE getting to know my families and growing old with them. ;)