Why photos are one of the best ways to help adopted children bond with their family

When adopting children it is clearly important to find ways to help them bond and connect with your family. You can give them all your love and nurturing and take care of their basic needs, but is that enough? How do you actually help them assimilate and feel like part of the group?

The main predictor of how well your child will do in life is the strength of their relationship with you, the parent. This relationship will affect all their other relationships.

In order to develop optimal nervous systems, children need to feel secure and understood. Feeling safe results in eagerness to learn, health self-awareness, trust, and empathy.

"Bonding is not founded on quality of care or parental love, but on the nonverbal emotional communication between child and parent."  -The Help Guide

This is why photos are are one of the best tools to help children bond with their families: because photos embody the nonverbal emotional communication between child and parent.

So, relax about being the perfect parent. Relax about needing to provide the best toys, education, the most comfortable home, and the healthiest of foods. Focus more on the nonverbal emotional exchange with your children in a way that acknowledges their needs and makes them feel seen, understood, and safe.

When children see pictures of themselves in a moment of deep bonding with their parent, they connect with the emotion in that relationship. Their sense of worthiness deepens, they learn to value themselves, they feel like they have a group where they belong, their loneliness dissipates, and their connection deepens. 

However, photos will not help your children feel safe, loved, and connected if they aren't seeing them on a regular basis.

This is also why it's so important to PRINT your photos and have them in places around your home that are accessible to your children, whether it be through images hung on the wall or books created especially for them. 

This subject of creating photos FOR children to help them bond is the main focus in my work. The experience I craft in my photoshoots will focus on this as well as the products I design for your family. 

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3 ways that nature helps children and some activities you can do every day

Being in nature with your children doesn't have to be extravagant. Even frequent exploring of your backyard or a local park can provide immense benefits as well as the occasional camping or hiking trip to big national parks and more rugged wilderness. 

Being in nature benefits children and adults alike by:

  • lowering stress hormones and encouraging calm and relaxation
  • improving short term memory and reducing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • having a positive effect on psychological well-being and social bonding

Here are some activities you can do to help your children connect with nature:

  • wonder with no particular goal or timeline
  • find a "sit spot" (close to home that that you will actually use it) to sit at daily and observe with all your senses
  • journaling with words or sketches
  • look for animal tracks and follow them
  • pay attention to bird language
  • gather nature items to display in your home
  • get your children to tell you stories of their outdoor adventures