Do you remember your baby's first cries?

What were the words you said as you held baby in your arms? 

How did her older sister respond when she met baby for the first time?


You think you'll always remember these details but time causes us to forget.

PASSWORD: birthisbeautiful

PASSWORD: birthisbeautiful



Danica was more than our birth photographer; she was part of our team and support system. She didn’t just take pictures; she was encouraging and supportive and helpful. We keep receiving these little gifts from her and every time, I am just amazed at how above and beyond she goes. We will have the pictures and video to last a lifetime, but we will also have this amazing story to tell about how blessed we are to have such an amazing photographer and now friend. The universe drew me to her for a reason...we have been blessed! I want everyone to experience how amazing she is!

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