My vision & why I photograph

When people feel that they are loved, they feel free; free to be themselves, free to love themselves, free to dream, free to achieve their dreams, free to love others.

I want people to know love - the real love that is full of memories, of a life together, of bonding through hardship, of knowing how to make each other laugh, of knowing someone so deeply that you’ve seen them at their worst and you forgive them now as well as for any future wrong they will inevitably do. I want people to see the beauty in letting go of fears and self-doubt. The beauty in living a full life and being who they were meant to be.

I seek to freeze not just a moment or a memory, but an emotion for you to travel back to at any time in the future. I hope that whenever you look at your images in the future, you are overwhelmed with the emotion that you felt at that moment, whether you felt loved, cherished, hopeful, peaceful, warmth, or harmony.

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Danica, I'm speechless. These are the best images we've ever had as a complete family. Better than our wedding and anything else. I'm going through them over and over. So good. I seriously am so in love with what you're doing. You have found your gold. We sometimes sit on the couch and stare at your work, in awe. It's even better knowing the lady behind the camera is such a beautiful soul. -Anna

After lots of searching and debating if birth photography was going to be "worth" the expense, I met with Danica and immediately knew I needed her at our birth. She was so warm and friendly and it felt like I had known her forever. On the big day, I vaguely remember the midwife telling me she had arrived, but I was completely oblivious to her until after my daughter was born. Then came the pictures, and I cannot even begin to say how beautiful they are. They are priceless treasures and I cannot wait to share them with my daughter and show her the beauty of being a woman and what we get to do as we bring lives into the world. Danica was phenomenal and full of surprises along the way that made her a natural extension of our family. She would be one of the first calls I would make if we were to get pregnant again! -Brittany

You will not find anyone better...guaranteed. Danica was more than our birth photographer; she was part of our team and support system. She didn't just take pictures; she was encouraging and supportive and helpful. We keep receiving these little gifts from you and every time, I am just amazed at how above and beyond you go. We will have the pictures to last a lifetime, but we will also have this amazing story to tell about how blessed we were to have such an amazing photographer/friend. The universe drew me to her for a reason...we have been blessed! I want everyone to see how amazing you are! - Natasha

Every time you post a picture of us or I see a picture that you took of us, I get all sorts of butterflies! - Jay

Your photos just keep getting better! You have this amazing ability to keep the quirkiness of people's' relationships and yet make the photographs look so beautiful... always impressed. - Keely

Danica, you are a beautiful human and an intuitive and talented photographer but what I love most about working with you is your sincere passion to deliver a highly emotional and customized product that is truly a unique and beautiful piece of art. AND I appreciate that you took a disorganized and disheveled mess of a Jaskolski family (mainly V. and I) and still gave me this. Serious talent...and so appreciated. - Angela

I always say this but it's so true. Looking at the photos that you take of our family brings us such joy and it’s a constant reminder of how blessed we are as a family. Thank you! - Bekah

Our family was so blessed by Danica's time in our home. We love getting dressed up and having family photos done every once in awhile...but there is something slightly unauthentic about those times when everyone looks put together and perfect. We are a homeschooling family and some of the sweetest times of our day are spent reading, studying and learning together. Pouring myself out for my children's education can sometimes seem draining and thankless...but her photos captured the every day sweetness and grace that I treasure and long to remember. These are truly priceless photos that I know I will weep over in years to come, when the children are grown. Thank you, Danica! -Sarah

We really enjoyed having Danica take our photographs.  Her laid back and friendly personality made us feel at ease.  We especially appreciated her approach in capturing real moments, rather than giving us a lot of directions, poses, or telling us to smile.  Our experience with Danica felt very natural, like she was there to photograph my wife and I hanging out together, rather than being in a photo session.  She created amazing pictures that we are still very glad to have.  And also as a tip to other guys out there, surprising your lady with a photoshoot makes for a terrific gift that will garner much appreciation for a long time ;) - Kevin

Photos to the left by Angela Gonzalez