Artwork for your home

There is research that shows the lifelong benefits of displaying your photos in your home for your family to see and connect with on a daily basis. When kids see images on their walls of themselves wrapped in a warm embrace, of themselves with their family on a great adventure, of themselves looking and feeling radiantly happy, it builds their self esteem and sense of worthiness. It helps them know deep down that there's a place where they belong. It helps them feel deeply loved and seen for who they are. It builds the story of their identity and where they came from. It is so valuable.

That's why your photoshoot with me goes well beyond your experience behind the lens. To me that's just a small part of the process. It's so crucial to me that you don't just see your pictures one time and then forget about them, but that you see them on a daily basis so that you can reap the lifelong benefits. When you hire me you aren't just paying for photos, you are investing in an experience that will increase your love, gratitude, sense of self, perspective on your motherhood, and your connection with those you hold dear. That is SO worth investing in, don't you think?